The adventure of the Earth

Discover the exhibition of the nominees of the Vulcania Award 2019 at the park and vote on the spot for your favorite sketchbook! The winner will be known at the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage on November 15, 2019.

From the 8th of July to the 3th of November 2019
2 route de Mazayes
63 230 Saint-Ours-les Roches

This prize encourages the travel books realized on the theme  « The earth adventures » (discovery, society, legends, fiction, history, environment, geology,etc.). It is awarded every two years.

The winner, nominated by the public and a jury, is chosen between several candidates exhibiting their work. He is invited to make a trip and to present the following year a travel book about his volcanic journey, in Vulcania.

The five nominees for this prize present their work within the park (an entrance ticket is necessary to access it).

Marie BOBIN (Lyon)
Road-trip en Scandinavie (2016)

essai BOBIN - scandinavie

Sarah COMBE (Allemagne)
Madagascar Tome 1

LAPIN (Barcelone)
Fogo, mission humanitaire au Cap Vert

essai LAPIN - fogo

Christophe PONS (Marzans, 81500)
Terres sacrées du Pérou

essai PONS - Perou

Nicole PRIVAL (Valence, 26000)
Yamal, le territoire des Nénets (Sibérie)

essai PRIVAL - siberie

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