How to apply ?

Whether you are an exhibitor or not during the event, registration is mandatory for the Travel Book Market.

ATTENTION: The projects that will reach us will not be automatically selected, they must first be pre-selected by the Selection Committee of the Travel Book Market of the association Il Faut Aller Voir.

Send your editorial project before July 31, 2018 by mail to the following address:

Association Il Faut Aller Voir
Marché du Carnet de Voyage
21 rue Jean Richepin
63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Terms of participation for authors

• Send your project to the IFAV association before July 31, 2018 by mail,

• If your project is selected, we will notify you by email.

• You will receive a template and a greeting card to return to us in October 2018,

• For non-exhibitors at the 18th meeting: travel, food and accommodation expenses are your responsibility.

Organization of the Market

• A reserved space will be available all day Friday, November 16, 2018 (Coopérative de Mai).

• The Travel Book Market Commission preselects projects submitted to publishers.

• The datasheet is addressed to each publisher you choose.

• Publishers and authors issue meeting choices.

• The association Il Faut Aller Voir crosses requests and transmits the schedule of appointments to publishers and authors.