Since 2000, the "Il Faut Aller Voir" organisation has been organising an artistic and literary event based on travel sketchbooks: the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage.

Going elsewhere and towards others

The aim of the event is to open a window on this particular medium that is the travel sketchbook, to shine a light on what is new in this field, but also to reward the most remarkable ones.

The exhibiting artists are present during the whole festival and can talk with the public. It is travel as a human experience which is at the heart of the debate, travel which allows people to meet with full respect for cultures and differences.

Every year in November, Clermont-Ferrand becomes the crossroad of meetings between the public and these travelling artists.

Teaser 2016 :

  • The travel sketchbook exhibitions are the heart of this event and offer many possibilities to discover the richness of the genre. Some artists present a country, others present social trends, using drawings, paintings, comic strips or various written media such as digital and audio sketchbooks.
  • The writer area enables visitors to meet the authors of the travel literature.
  • The interactive lectures allow us to reflect on themes which affect travel sketchbooks in the presence of professionals.
  • • The post projection debates always occur in the presence of the film makers in order to open a dialogue.
  • The workshops run by sketchers and authors get the public involved in the creation of a sketchbook and make visitors aware of the art form (general public and children).
  • • The youth programme. Friday’s programme includes activities for young people, school children and students, in partnership with Canopé Auvergne network and Blaise-Pascal University.
  • The prizes: during the event, prizes are awarded to the most remarkable travel sketchbooks.
  • The shop is an outlet for the sale of self-published works and products associated with the genre
  • The travel sketchbook Market: on Saturdays, artists and publishers can meet here. (advance application required)
  • From September to December, the “Route des Carnets” offers exhibitions in many places and cities to publicise the genre of travel sketchbooks.

Pictures :