Authors, carnettists, writers, illustrators, you will find here the application form for the selection of the exhibitors invited to the next Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage which will take place on November 18, 19 and 20, 2022 in Clermont-Ferrand.

Travel sketchbooks, paintings, films or books tell us that going to see elsewhere allows us to understand the world as a common good, shared, and to enrich our humanity. These works appeal to the art of ethical and responsible travel which is at the heart of our event. They also bear witness to the beauty of the world and its peoples, to their fragility and turbulence.


Due to the difficulties linked to the covid-19 health crisis, each application must be sent in digital form (PDF only). If you have a paper travel sketchbook (self-published, edited), you can complete your digital application by sending a copy of it by postal mail.

– For digital files (mandatory):

– For paper applications (optional) :

Association Il Faut Aller Voir
Comité de sélection
21 rue Jean Richepin
63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Apply in 2 steps:

1: Complete the form before April 24, 2022.

2: Send us your project by email before May 1st, 2022


What to send?

Each dossier must include at least a written presentation and an extract of the travel sketchbook or reportage sketchbook in its diversity.

> For the compulsory digital submission, please send an extract of 15 to 20 pages of your travel sketchbook (including the cover) in PDF format.

> If you have a published or self-published travel sketchbook: you can send a copy by mail. If you wish to have this copy sent back to you after the selection, please complete your shipment with an empty envelope stamped with the corresponding weight.

> If your travel book is digital, video or audio: please send the necessary links by email

Any incomplete or late application will not be taken into account.

🔴   NB:

Only one theme can be presented, for one application per person. However, if you are invited to exhibit, you may present other travel sketchbooks on your stand.

Your project must not have already been presented to the selection committee of the association Il Faut Aller Voir.

For edited and self-published notebooks, publication or printing must be guaranteed for October 1st 2022, in order to be presented to the juries in case of pre-selection for the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage awards.

A travel sketchbook in the process of being published, proposed and selected without being finalised at the date of the event, cannot be proposed again at a future Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage.

It is not compulsory to be edited to participate in the event.

Travel books composed only of photos will not be accepted.


The travel sketchbook must truly reflect the will to discover and translate feelings, emotions, astonishment in front of a world and new situations. It must be the translation of a personal feeling with anecdotes, ethnographic and geographical references and a vision of cultures.

Quality, originality and spontaneity in the illustration are important elements in the selection. The efforts of research and authenticity in the choice of drawings “taken on the spot” by the sketchbook artist show his involvement in the observation of what surrounds him. Of course, the quality of the drawing and its originality must be taken into consideration, but also the reflection of his emotions and the reality to which it bears witness.

The writing, even if it is sometimes reduced in certain travel sketchbooks, must complement the illustration. The travel sketchbook should, if possible, tell a story with respect to people and events.
The quality of the style is not paramount. A sketchbook artist is not just a writer. Here again, emotion, spontaneity and sincerity must appear in the text. The harmony between text and illustration must be well balanced.



– Presence during the three days of the event: from November 18 to 20, 2022
– Exhibition of originals on the stand


Responses will be given between June 15 and July 1st, 2022. If you are selected, you will receive a registration form to complete to finalize your participation.

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Photo credits: Pauline Sautarel & Louison Desforêts