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The authors of travel literature lead their readers between exotic expeditions and familiar journeys.
The meetings are real privileged moments, allowing the writers to share their experiences and journeys.

Saturday 20th november 2021

Pascal Bärtschi

11:00 – 11:45

Six ans à vélo autour du monde, published by Favre 

Imagine a world where time is only synonymous with weather. No watches, no schedules, no stress. Only the sun that gives rhythm to your days. This world exists, I lived there for almost six years. What better way than the bicycle to live this adventure? To travel at a human speed to meet the other, to meet oneself. Far from the usual ideas, I discovered a tolerant and generous world. Through this story, I want to transmit my emotions, my joys, my sorrows, but above all to make people aware that everyone can live their dreams.

Linda Bortoletto

13:45 – 14:30

Le Chemin des Anges, published by Payot

The Shvil, or Israel National Trail, is an 1100 kilometer hiking trail through Israel. Few people know about it and know that it is called “the path of the Angels”. Linda walked it alone for over two months. The “angels” are locals who host the hikers. From the border with Lebanon to the Red Sea, she, who is not Jewish, who has never been to Israel, whose mother is Muslim, will understand Israel through the nature, the intensity and the energy of this land, in order to reconcile in herself the warrior, the woman and the mystic.

Christiane Drieux

De 16h30 à 17h15

ABCdaire des Esquimaux Polaires, les Inughuit, auto-published

Giant icebergs, polar night, polar bears, dog teams, the midnight sun, kayaks, narwhals… This book takes us to the far north of Greenland, to discover the world of the Inughuit, hunters of marine mammals. Throughout the pages, as in a kaleidoscope, the themes are illuminated one by one as many facets of a living Arctic culture, rooted in the respect of animals and its environment. Wrapped in warm furs, on a dog sled, we travel from village to village on the ice floes.

Sunday 21th november 2021

Olivier Weber

10:30 – 11:15

Au royaume de la lumière, published by Plon, Terre humaine collection

Olivier Weber wanted to go to a mythical and forgotten land, Mustang. Closed to foreigners until 1992, this small kingdom in the Himalayas, now attached to Nepal, is a “little Tibet” with a protected culture and without the tutelage of China. In the silence of the great spaces, after several weeks of walking, this quest for purity and the “mountain of integrity” was the occasion for exchanges, reflections on time, the hyper-communication of our societies, empathy and compassion, far from the frantic rhythm of our daily lives.

Lodewijk Allaert

14:00 – 14:45

Carpates, la traversée de l’Europe sauvage, published by Transboréal

Lodewijk Allaert has crossed the Carpathians on foot over 2,000 kilometers. In these legendary mountains, he took the transhumance paths to cross the last wild sanctuary of Europe. In four months, he met baroque shepherds, timeless farmers and gypsies who had come to isolate themselves from the fury of the cities. This book does not spell out the clichés of the baroudeur in search of glory or exoticism. The adventure is a pretext for writing, and the writing is a questioning of the questions that cross us.