Volcanic walks in Auvergne

Francis MACARD

From June 13th to September 15th, 2019
Maison de site – Panoramique des Dômes
Chemin du Couleyras, lieu-dit La Font de l’Arbre 63870 Orcines


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I crossed the Massif Central by bike when I was 18 years old. Volcanoes did not really interest me at the time. I saw beautiful landscapes but I saw without seeing, for me a volcano necessarily had a crater.
In Puy-de-Dome no crater, I admired the panorama while savoring my little feat. The volcanoes did not impress me, I was young and they are so old.
The volcanic trigger occurs on Etna in 2000, with a passionate and exciting volcanologist. He told me that Auvergne was an exceptional volcanic concentrate, that it is enough to know how to look.
I returned to Auvergne with a new and curious eye. I registered in a volcanological association L.A.V.E which organizes outings and I was discovery in discovery and drawing in drawing.
For the past twenty years that I have been crossing the Auvergne, where I saw only a lake, meadows, and odd pebbles, I now see maars, fiery clouds, molten magma in a lake of washed…
I want to share my passion through my books and exhibitions.