Saturday 17 november - 13:30 to 14:30
2nd floor - Room 13

Travel & Sound
Sophie Berger

Sophie Berger regularly leaves for long journeys, with her microphones. She proposes here a meeting in the form of a conference punctuated by listening, around the sound travel book.
How to tell the journey, without the images? How to capture the atmosphere of a place? How to capture the sensitive contours of a landscape to transmit them with sounds? What does the microphone pick up and how is the sound journey story written?

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Saturday 17 november - 17:30 to 18:30
2nd floor - Room 13

Jungles’s Breath
Emeline Rétif

It was not until the third day that he began to tell them to me; the dolphin-boto taking human form, the first woman who at the dawn of time bore the mosquito, the cities illuminated in the depths of the river. He was telling, and around us, the jungle was pounding.

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Sunday 18 november - 13h30 at 14h30
2nd floor - Room 13

A Journey to Accordeonistan
Adrien Séguy

A Journey to Accordeonistan” recounts the adventures of a young accordionist who went on the Silk Road in search of the origins of his instrument. This one-and-a-half year of wandering with his accordion on the back and a microphone in the hand, during which he records many musicians and collects as many stories of lives, draws the living and current portrait of regions to peoples and cultures linked by history. Peace songs of Chechen women from Georgia to the epic tales of Kyrgyzstan’s bards, wanderings of street musicians on the Turkish Aegean coast, Uzbek wedding tours with a troupe of musicians from Bukhara, this journey takes him to the discovery in China of Sheng, a three-thousand-year-old instrument at the origin of the creation of the accordion. A sound and visual immersion, to the rhythm of the sound of the accordion traveler.

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Sunday 18 november - 15h at 16h
2nd floor - Room 13

Sound and music to convey the everyday
Hélène Servel

Better than the image and through a work of listening, transmission and translation, the sound develops the imagination and allows to identify with the people we listen to, the moods we feel and the stories to which we listen. To challenge the media clichés of violence and war that come to us from certain parts of the world, espacially from the Middle East, take the time to listen to bits of daily life from Lebanon and Palestine is a certain form of resistance : at the same time against too easy and essentialist discourses but also against the distance that one tends to create while forgetting.
Tender the microphone by drinking a coffee, sweating in the shade of a fig tree or galley in the traffic jams made of this fight, that which consists in continuing to believe that despite domination, war, depression, we take holidays, we make music, we share feasts, we fight, we dream of tomorrow, in short, we live. Through the collective listening of several sound books made in Lebanon and Palestine in recent years, we will try to touch these questions with the tip of the ear to discuss later.

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