From cities to cities …

Isabelle CORCKET

October 5 to 28, 2018
Media library Valéry Larbaud
106-110 rue Maréchal Lyautey, 03200 Vichy

“Through this exhibition I would like to share with you my love for the Urban, my guide in painting for so many years.
Architecture is omnipresent in all my notebooks and my pictorial universe. The city speaks to me.
Collage is my support. It allows me to bring texture and structure.
He guides me to build the starting point of my story, of what I want to tell you.
An engraving, a score, a text, a word, a piece of colored paper, a clipping. Again, they have the role of the word and the human.

Welcome to the detours of streets and neighborhoods. Sit with me at the cafe terraces, where everything happens, is observed, is lived, is built.
Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, Pondicherry and many other destinations, here, there and elsewhere.”