The Urban Sketcher, Jaume Jané took back his pencils after a 7-month world tour

The Urban Sketchers Barcelona are back at the festival and among them we met Jaume Jané who resumed his taste for drawing after a 7-month world tour.

Why join the network of Urban Sketchers Barcelona?

I have been drawing since I was a child, but at the age of 10 I stopped. In 2015, I went around the world for 7 months. I only took notes in a notebook and then I regained my self-confidence and I started drawing again in this notebook. In 2016, when I returned home to Barcelona, ​​I discovered this community of designers that I immediately loved.

What are you exhibiting at the festival?

Each cartoonist in the collective exhibits a drawing. My drawing represents a street in Barcelona: Carrer d’Aiguafreda that I drew during a drawing class. I chose this place because it is an old street.

What are your plans ?

We would like to create a book with a drawing of a hundred Urban Sketchers. We would like to publish it within a year.

If you could go anywhere, tomorrow, where would you go?

In China because there is a culture very different from ours and to see the statues of Chinese warriors Xian.

Are you more Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook to keep links with old friends and Instagram to discover new people.