Il Faut Aller Voir
The Rendez-vous du Carnet de voyage Organisation

Behind the name of the association, borrowed from the traveller Ella Maillart, there hides a huge passion for the world. “Reading, reading is worthless, one must go and see”, she would proclaim to those who liked … her books!

Founded in 1997 by five founder members (Jean-Pierre Frachon, Eric Gauthey, Daniel Lefebvre, Michel Renaud and Pierrette Viel), the organisation “Il Faut Aller Voir” (IFAV) gathers together people interested in discovering other cultures and new horizons. Il Faut Aller Voir promotes a way of travelling which favors autonomy and independence, an opportunity to step away from traditional tourism in favor of a people-centered approach, discovery, and respect for differences.

To the organisation, it is all about avoiding fashionable routes and going beyond the usual pictures people have of certain countries, clichés too easily developed about others when you don’t open your eyes wide enough. Travel is more to be looked at as a light-hearted exercise that teaches us how to lose our luggage. “The world is extraordinary, look how beautiful it is”, confided Joseph Kessel at the end of his life.

Beyond the exchange between its members, the organisation offers meeting with travelers, reporters, writers …, and organises the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage.

Since its creation, besides the support for new travel ethics, the organisation works for the recognition of the literay and art genre of the travel sketchbook. The sketchbook seeks to recount the traveler’s feelings, memory and perpetuate contact with people and cultures. Mixing genres, text and graphic art, it turns into a personal creation, testimony to a journey or a whole life.

The organisation also wishes to support the editorial creation.  Since 2000, the “Sketchbook Market” has been a place of meetings between editors and artists.

“It’s the route travelled that makes the traveller, not the traveller who travels the route”, Nicolas Bouvier.

They organise the Rendez-vous:

The IFAV members :

Véronique Baudin, Marie-Christine Berger, Agnès Boche, Annie Casanova, Monique Chalafre, Chantal Charles, Jacques Charles, Chantal Chaumeil, Grégoire Cochetel, Odile Cochetel, Colette Contamine, Guy Deguelle, Laurence Douhairie, Lionel Duclos, Monique Dumas, Karen Eiché, Catherine Fournol, Jean-Pierre Frachon, Laurence Frachon, Gérard Gaillard, Catherine Gaillard-Grouffal, Eric Gauthey, Michèle Guiot, Stéphane Haddouche, Maryvonne Lagadec, Catherine Landivier, Evelyne Lasgouttes, Christine Lequint, Serge Lequint, Yolande Miard, Claudine Mourier, Marie-Jo Mye, Jean-Pierre Noyer, Claude Picard, Josette Pierrel, Dodo Pourreyron, Agnès Raffy, Annabel Raynaud, Gala Renaud-Romanov, Jean-Pierre Rivasseau, Hélène Ronayette, Marc Roudaire, Mireille Roudaire, Jacqueline Serin, Christian Touzanne, Camille Vézirian, Danielle Vidal-Coussedière, Pierrette Viel.

together with :

Claire Desseauve – Events and communication officer

Antoine Capelani – Logistics and communication assistant

And all the volunteers who contribute, directly or indirectly, to the smooth running of the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage.

Founding Chairman : Michel Renaud

The board of the association:

Chairman: Pierrette Viel

Secretary-general : Gérard Gaillard

Treasurer : Jacques Charles

Members : Agnès Boche, Lionel Duclos, Catherine Landivier, Claude Picard, Marc Roudaire.

Contact :

Association Il Faut Aller Voir
21 rue Jean Richepin
63000 Clermont-Ferrand
+ 33 (0)4 73 90 80 97